Industries That Have Become Popular

In business there is an unlimited amount of fields and possibilities that you can enter when it comes to business. Whether you are a business owner or someone looking for a career then there is no shortage of places to start. With businesses such as Teach Tutti that work within the music scene providing music lessons or those who want them, to corporate firms that work within insurance and banking, there is a field of work that suits your skillset and interests. But to help you narrow it down a bit more here is a few field ideas that you might be interested in.


Marketing is an ever increasing industry. In fact with so many new start ups the need for marketing is endless. The industry itself has begun to branch out with different marketing methods becoming a business themselves. One that seems to be strong contender for being a popular marketing campaign is SEO which now pretty much dominates the digital media marketing business. Another booming form of marketing is influencer marketing, especially with Apps such as Instagram ever increasing in their dominance. It’s not showing any signs of slowing down. If your business is looking to dive into this, check out RedPill. They offer a wide range of services including influencer & video.  Marketing1

Spare Parts

In this industrial age man pretty much lives on machines. We use them for almost every part of our day and so it’s only right that spare parts has become a large part of the mechanical industry. You can find services on everything whether it is air compressor parts or even spare auto


Many people are now choosing to study photography rather than traditional business qualifications and in fact they are making a killing. It’s because in current society everyone wants to capture the moment with a photo, it’s not just enough to have been there you need photographic evidence. In particular event photography is the most successful, especially when it comes to weddings.moneymagpie_camera2


In business it’s not just enough to be good at your job but it is in fact important to mingle with potential customers and clients. This is why the events sector of the business industry has become so big. Large companies are now choosing to hire events coordinators to set up large corporate events as opposed to just producing small meetings, and why not? Go big or go home.seminars-meetings


Travel is probably the most important part of almost everyone’s days so it’s no surprise that there is an opening to make big money. Whether you are in the business of providing travel itself or if you offer services to vehicles you are sure to never be shorts of a customer.Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 10.55.38


It may seem strange but the wedding industry is bigger than ever. This is because everyone is looking for the perfect day. So they are willing to shed out money in order to get that. With all the things that need to be done for a wedding you can even branch out within the wedding industry and focus on wedding entertainment like OMG! photo booths have.Wedding-cake-figurines-on-014

Software Testing

Now we are pretty much in the post-industrial era we cannot survive without our tech. So it’s no surprise that one can take advantage of it and make a living off of it. In fact there are even companies like Testing eMentor who supply online testing courses in the software testing industry.softwaretesting